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23 September 2010 On September 23, 2010, a unique exhibition titled “Joseph Beyrle: The Hero for Two Nations” opened at the Gallery of the Sverdlov Regional Natural History Museum in Yekaterinburg.

8 July 2010 On 8 July 2010 an exhibit titled “Joseph Beyrle: The Hero for Two Nations” opened at the Pskov Kremlin. The event is dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the victory of allied forces in World War II.

6 May 2010 the Hero for Two Nations exhibit opened at the Poklonnaya Gora World War II memorial complex in Moscow. Veterans and students, cultural and public leaders, representatives of all Allied powers have been invited to join in this celebration of those achievements and sacrifices, which helped guarantee a safe and prosperous life for future generations.

Russia Today: Russo-American WWII Hero Celebrated

Russo-American WWII Hero Celebrated


18 February 2010
Seminar – Soldiers' Stories: Heroes of Two Nations More >>>



18 February 2010
“Jumpin’ Joe” Beyrle: A Hero of Two Nations - Russia’s
Celebration of the 65th Anniversary of Victory Day Launches in St. Petersburg.
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Supporting US-Russia Relations through Commemoration of Shared Acheivements


Sixty-five years after the United States and the Soviet Union stood side-by-side amid deep economic recession and a world at war, Sgt. Joseph Beyrle stands out as the highest example of that partnership, having fought for both countries. Joe's story has particular resonance today. Facing another economic crisis and conflicts around the world, the alliance between Russia and the United States is more important than ever.

This project is focused on an exhibit that will travel to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Pskov. Seminars on past, present and future US-Russia cooperation will take place in conjunction with the exhibit'sopenings at various locations. The story of Joseph Beryle, just one small example of the allying of our forces during WWII, highlights this cooperation and provides a unique opportunity to discuss how our twocountries can work together for the benefit of all.


"Today, on the eve of 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, we humbly stand in admiration of the feats of Joseph Beryle, a soldier of two armies, and the feats of millions of Russians, Americans and citizens of other nations, who spilt their blood and sacrificed their lives to secure a peaceful world for future generations."

Sergei Lavrov,Minister of Foreign Affairsof the Russian Federation

"Joseph Beyrle's story is full of true heroism and represents a separate chapter in the closely intertwined history of our two nations. His sense of duty to his country and his respect toward allies and the sacrifices made by all will live on as a testament to future generations."

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State of the United States of America